With enhancing technologies, naughts and crosses, a very common tic-tac-toe game, has moved from paper to our laptops. This is an attempt to design the same using Python.

Python is a great language to learn for the beginners. Once the basic syntaxes are grasped, it’s best to start making own projects. Projects are a great way to learn, because it gives an opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired as otherwise, it is difficult to retain the same.

I have been learning Python for a while now. As one of my first mini-projects I designed a simple tic-tac-toe game. It is a common 2-player game where one player plays crosses (X) and the other plays naughts(O), each player taking turns to play. The player who gets three marks on…

An exploratory analysis of the call records to 911 in Montgomery County in the United States. This is an attempt to analyze the data and derives meaningful insights using Python

Any emergency response system should be prepared for handling sudden or unexpected situations for eg., fire, crime, car crash, a medical emergency that requires immediate assistance from the police, fire department, or ambulance. It prevents fatalities and injuries, reduces damage to buildings and equipment, protects the environment and the community, and accelerates the resumption of normal operations.

911 is a hotline number in North America, only used for emergency situations. Whenever a call is made to 911, basic information is gathered like the location/street name of the emergency, the phone number, the nature of the emergency, and details about the…

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